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CATURE Fresh Scent Beads 450ML - Ocean Breeze
RM23.90 RM26.00
CATURE Fresh Scent Beads 450ML - Ocean Breeze
Price RM23.90 RM26.00
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Cature - Fresh Scent Beads - (Ocean Breeze) Fight Against Cat Litter Odor!

Cature fiber materials technology, instead of simply covering up the smell, this product can absorb and decompose odor and constantly inhibit bacteria in the same time, deodorization from the source durably.

-Cature Fresh Scent Beads add a boost of fresh scent when sprinkled onto any cat litter

-1 bottle is able to use up to 45 days (1 cat at home)

-Continuous freshness for cat litter

-Eliminates odors

-Absorbs Smell

-No dust

-Anti-Bacterial Properties

-Grassy Fragrance


Main Material:

Fluff Pulp, Diatomite, Antibacterial Ingredient Fragrance.




Usage Guideline:

1. Pour a 1/3 bottle cap (30cm-40cm litter box), Pour a 1/2 bottle cap (42cm-52cm litter box), Pour 1 bottle cap (52cm above extra Jumbo litter box) Deodorizer beads into the lid and sprinkle it into the cat litter box. The amount can be adjusted according to the intensity of the flavor desired.


2. When the fragrance is light, add new beads. Due to the different environments, the intensity and duration of the fragrance will vary.

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