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  • Discourage destructive chewing
  • Will stop your dog or cat from chewing your most favoured possessions
  • Helps protect pets from self-harm such as biting or chewing of coat or fur and wound-licking
  • Simple aerosol/pump spray
  • Suitable for cats, dogs and puppies
  • Bitter taste but harmless to pet
  • Also deters self harm
  • Made In England
  • Direction : To use simply spray the area to be protected and continue using verbal commands until the bad habit is broken. It is advisable to provide some type of alternative surface.This spray does not contain any harmful chemicals and is harmless to children and pets if used as directed.
  • Puppy & Trainer
  • A useful aid for house training puppies
  • Ideal to use with Clean n Safe House Training Pads
  • For use on training pads and paper
  • Made In England
  • Directions : Shake can before use. Place training pad or folded newspaper on the floor in a convenient place, but away from pet bedding or food.
  • Puppies : Spray on to pad or newspaper, from a distance of about 15cm (6"). Spray frequently and place puppy on sprayed area regularly, especially after awakening, feeding or playing so that it can relieve itself. It is helpful to choose a word or command which your pet can associate with regular toilet habits, and then praise and reward puppy each time correct use is achieved. If puppy relieves itself elsewhere, bring it back to pad immediately, but do not punish or scold. Replace training pad or paper if soiled by fouling and repeat as above. After puppy has been using pad or paper regularly, gradually move pad or paper closer to the door and eventually outside. Use of pad or paper can be discontinued, but continue for a short period to spray the outside area to be used.
  • Kittens and House Rabbits : Spray directly on to litter tray as often as required, or use training pad as above.