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REFLEX Plus Adult Hairball & Indoor With Salmon Cat Food 1.5KG
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A super premium dry cat food with salmon fish, fully and balanced formulated with anti-hairball effect, for indoor long-haired cats over 12 months old.


Xylo-oligosaccharides (XOS) are super prebiotics obtained by hydrolysis of corn cobs. XOS helps to reduce problems such as unwanted fat and glycemia in cats with approximately zero calorie value.

Super XOS PrebioticXOS enters the large intestine without modification and is primarily used by the digestive bacteria Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli. This reduces negative fermentations that cause energy loss, such as bloating and other digestive ailments.

Possible Health Benefits:
• It strengthens the immune system.
• It increases the digestion and metabolism of nutrients by improving the intestinal flora.
• It has natural antioxidant effect.


Nutrient Components

Crude Protein 34%
Crude Fat 14%
Crude Ash 8%
Crude Cellulose (Fibre) 5%


Nutritional Supplements

Vitamin A (E672) 18000 IU/kg
Vitamin D3 (E671) 1500 IU/kg
Vitamin E (3a700) 200 mg/kg
Vitamin C (Stay C) 200 mg/kg
Taurin 1500 mg/kg


Nutritional Recommendations

  • Please refer to the table for the recommended daily nutritional amounts (grams/day) according to your cat’s weight (kg) and appearance (A- Underweight, B- Normal, C- Overweight).
  • The recommended daily amount of food may vary depending on the outdoor temperature, your cat’s living conditions (indoor/outdoor), character and activity.
  • In order for your cat to have/maintain the ideal weight, the amount of food to be given should be weighed.
  • When adjusting the amount of food to be given, your cat’s appetite, appearance and stool analysis should be considered.


Recommended Feeding Amount
Cat's Weight 2KG 3KG 4KG 5KG 6KG 7KG 8KG 9KG 10KG
THIN 31 - 34g 42 - 46g 52 - 57g 61 - 68g 70 - 78g 79 - 87g - - -
NORMAL 29 - 32g 39 - 43g 48 - 53g 57 - 63g 65 - 72g 73 - 81g 81 - 90g 89 - 98g 96 - 106g
OVERWEIGHT - - - 53 - 58g 60 - 67g 68 - 75g 75 - 83g 82 - 91g 89 - 98g
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